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    New Metallic Wallpapers

    Give your walls a new glow and sheen with the new metallic F&B wallpapers! Among the most popular collections of F&B wallpapers, gold, silver and copper hues exalt nine choices of wallpapers. Available in 25 new metallic colours, these wallpapers printed from the richest pigments reveal their shimmering character in all interior styles.
    Why are these F&B wallpapers so unique?
    1. They are printed from F&B paint creating a harmonious duo between wallpaper and paint.
    2. Choosing F&B wallpapers is the most sustainable option. They are created from environmentally friendly water-based paint on recyclable paper from sustainably managed forests.
    3. Every roll is covered of a varnish specially formulated, which ensures the durability of the wallpaper and excellent stain resistance, making it easy to clean.

    List of the 9 collections available at Céramique Décor
    In the new metallic versions, Yukutori’s dotted pattern is available in gold and copper to subtly enhance Stifkey Blue and Jitney backgrounds, and adorn the walls of a delicate radiance.
    Delightful and quaint, the Gable pattern shows a rustic scene of fields and farm animals. Because of its large scale, the playful drawing is hand-engraved instead of printed with a flatbed block. The metallic version is sure to offer a conversation starter
    Telessa gains depth and magnificence with sparkles of gold, silver, copper, and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) that overlay on the richly pigmented background colours, including De Nimes, Sulking Room Pink, Paean Black, and School House White.
    The most diverse collection in terms of colors, Lotus is hand-engraved with gold, silver, copper, and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) paints on backgrounds with dynamic contrast.
    The Japanese word Amime means the space between netting. The metallic impressions silver or gold, create a tactile effect and a unique depth on Green Smoke and Jitney backgrounds.
    Master Weaver James Leman created this floral pattern. An artisanal impression of gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) deepens this two-toned vegetal pattern on backgrounds of Green Smoke and a bespoke red specially formulated for this wallpaper.
    Inspired from Art Deco and the 20th century, Tourbillon’s segmented circles are available in gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) on Theron and Paean Black backgrounds.
    The elegant foliage pattern of Bamboo seems drawn with a brush in deep gold on Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black backgrounds. This wallpaper’s lush botany is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, adding a touch of a natural glow to the room.
    Honouring the mathematical precision of the encrypting machine Enigma used during World War II, the geometric patterns of this wallpaper are printed in gold on Paean Black background and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) on India Yellow background.

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    Lotus métallisé - F&B
    Montauk - ardoise du Brésil - Céramique Décor Montauk, une ardoise du Brésil offerte chez Céramique Décor

    We like

    Montauk, the best of slate

    Chic, natural and robust, the slate is on the same page as the actual values marked by authenticity, respect for the environment and the attraction of sustainable materials.

    The Montauk collection of Brazil, which ensures a continuity between nature and interior, is a slate of very high quality which seduce by its sobriety, its versatility and its ease of maintenance. To enhance and deepen the color, we will apply a sealer to protect the surface against stains and wear.

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