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    F&B Paints - Colour by Nature

    The new Colour by Nature collection from Farrow&Ball, designed in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, will make you want a total house makeover. These colours were inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a book about natural colours classifications whose first edition stays at the Natural History Museum. The Scottish painter Syme first wrote this book with examples of colours coming from the animal, vegetal and mineral worlds.
    Snow White, a warm character white with a slight yellow pigment, was inspired by the Carrara marble and travertine as the mineral source. This colour is ideal in small spaces where it reflects a maximum of light and creates a relaxed atmosphere.
    Imitating the white of human eyeballs or the back of the petals of blue hepatica, Skimmed Milk White is a half-tone off-white.
    Grey with a green veil, Ash Grey is reminiscent of fresh wood ashes. When in strong natural light, the green pigments are more visible whereas grey is dominant in a darker space.
    It’s the head of the black-headed gull that influenced Broccoli Brown, a subtle tint that creates warmth and depth in the room.
    According to Werner’s colour nomenclature, Sap Green is the colour of the underside of lower wings of orange lip butterfly. This soft colour is perfect in small spaces to create a rich, approachable and pleasing atmosphere.
    The neck of mallard is not the only idea behind Duck Green, but ceylanite is an inspiration as well. This colour is both soft and intense and offers an expressive alternative to charcoal tones.
    Scotch Blue, referring to the throat of blue titmouse or the stamina of single purple anemone, is an intensely pigmented colour that gives a luxurious and elegant aspect to a space that is also welcoming.
    Precious garnets are the origin of the Crimson Red colour. Rich in nature, it is romantic and very glamourous.
    Both the colour of the breast of pochard and the neck of teal drake, Deep Reddish Brown is a colour that was once popular in country houses, making a comeback today due to its richness in pigmentation.
    Text inspired by Farrow & Ball

    Decoration Ideas

    Subway tile - pattern guide

    Subway tile is a timeless classic that always finds new tricks to innovate in mural tiles. Adaptable and everlasting, it is a safe choice for an interior that will last through time. The way it is installed is important to give the desired look to your decor.
    Brick Bond
    The classical inspiration of the New York subway stations of the 1900s is installed with 1/2 offset. This pattern takes its place in traditional decor and can fit with contrasting grout to emphasize the conventional effect and the grid pattern. If it’s to highlight the brick effect of the change from the classical look, different collections are a go-to: Antique or Brickart reveal an artisanal brick effect with a matt or glossy finish. Pictured here, stretcher 90° (photo 1) or classical stretcher (photo 2).
    Offset (1/3)
    This tile offset limits the linear look of the tiles and gives a fluid look to the surface. The grid pattern does not attract the eye as much and the focus is more on the tile itself, which makes it an ideal pattern for a collection like Brickart (photo3) or Menorca and Mallorca (photo 4) when the attention is to go on the specifics of the tile. These two last long versions are a good option and used alone or in a monochrome, mixed version where the mix of colours and finishes gives free rein to creativity, it is an excellent alternative to the classic subway brick pattern.
    Stacked bond
    Impossible to go wrong with the straight pattern: subtle, the grout goes through the surface. This pattern is perfect in modern and contemporary decors because of its simple and minimalist lines. Menorca and Mallorca give a very linear look to the decor accentuating the length when put on horizontal (photo 5) or vertical (photo 6).
    The herringbone pattern creates a strong visual effect for a small space rich in impact. Not to be confused with chevron (with a characteristic V shape), the herringbone pattern is more of a zigzag shape. Versatile, this design blends with contemporary decor as well as a traditional one is more articulate than the classical tile patterns. With long or short tiles, the obtained effect is quite different. Brickart is a good example with longer tiles (photo 7).
    Vertical Stacked
    Conceptually similar to the brick bond, the vertical offset attracts the eyes upwards making the room look taller. Exclusive to modern and contemporary decors, you will be convinced with just a look (photo 8).
    The basket pattern takes rectangular subway tiles to make a square and dramatic look. This pattern is perfect for contemporary decor. When well measured, it can significantly reduce the number of cuts. A 1 to 2 ratio like Biselado (photo 9) are necessary for this type of pattern.
    More information on the presented products :

    Decoration Ideas

    Kitchen and bathroom mosaics

    There are many possibilities to include mosaics in home decor: On the backsplash, as a shower base, an accent wall or a bathroom insertion. For an Italian shower base with a central drain, it is essential to choose very small sized tiles to create the necessary slopes for the water to flow. These mosaic tilings are among the easiest to install since they are already on nets of 12 x 12 “, which makes them great candidates for easy cutouts and effortless alignment. Square, hexagonal or round mosaics are bold and versatile.
    The adjoining pictures show how different mosaics create a dream decor in any style. This same kitchen has the potential to give life to the desired atmosphere once the suitable mosaic is chosen as a backsplash. Many bathroom versions are presented in decors that are transformed by a simple swap in mosaics.
    The new series, Piccola, is available with a matt finish and light luminous particles. For unique decor in shades of black, grey and white, Piccola is available in 6 different patterns of which there are penny rounds and hexagons.
    Natural stone is also a good candidate for mosaics. Distinguished by the unpredictable nuances of marble and its varied formats, this tile is of a unique richness.
    Mosaic made of 1.85 x 1.85 in pieces, the Genus deep black tiles have a natural finish veil, soft to the touch, composing a visual harmony that is both continuous and contrasted. Genus is based on innovative processes and new influences by daring to combine marble, quartz and natural black stone.
    Ideally divided to selectively reflect light, the combination of matt and glossy finish of the CR  mosaic creates a shimmer and deep effect.
    Hex&Dac is rich in varieties in tones of black and white. Penny rounds, hexagons, squares, and rectangles are still in the spotlight, but blends of matt and glossy or black and white are added. Patterns reminding of classical decors like the basketweave or the octagons are key components of a refined traditional bathroom.
    With a cortege of colors, finishes and more diverse formats, Timeless mosaics (3 x 3 cm), open the way to many possibilities for custom projects and abundant original solutions of absolute chic. These patterns beyond time and resolutely modern wear sinuous and mastered lines to wild and intense veining. In matt and glossy, ou combined with larger sizes, marble essence is timeless and can be found on the different colors: Calacatta, Amani Grey, Eramosa ou Black Deep.




    Céramique Décor likes to stay up to date with the last trends in interior decor. On the eve of the 2020s, the different design styles are not clear cut and personal tastes are the main indicators of decoration in the image of its occupants. Busy families want to surround themselves with a pleasing atmosphere that needs little care. Formerly, these characteristics were hard to combine in the same space, but today, products available in stores are designed to adapt to a fast-paced lifestyle without letting go of aesthetics and well-being.
    XXL tiles
    More and more, large size tiles are spotted in contemporary spaces creating a strong visual impact on their own. Rubbing the joints for hours is a thing of the past: XXL porcelains are not only easier to care for, but they also give an impression of nobility and large space. Between 24 x 48 ” and 36 x 72 “, various options make way for admiring a tile in all its grandeur without a thought about the grout. These extra-large stonewares can take place on walls to create a spectacular accent.
    Square tiles
    Square tiles are back, but this time, on a supersize version. Italian series like Ceppo di Gre, Veneziane and Lavagna exhibit this trend. 24 x 24 ” ceramics are among the bestsellers, but 30 x 30 “, 32 x 32″ and 36 x 36″ are not to be forgotten. These large squares are perfect, even in smaller spaces.
    Mate black faucets
    We adore black fittings, and it is not only due to its ultrachic and contemporary look. It creates successful contrasts in kitchens and bathrooms in light tones to reclaim the ambiance since it adds a distinctive touch. Black faucets are decorative accessories on their own. The easy to clean finish in black is inflexible toward stains.
    Terrazzo inspiration brings forward the natural and irregular aspect of the materials that reminds of the midcentury decor. This pattern is ideal on a floor that wishes to limit the frequency of cleanings. The same idea is applied to the shower walls where the water and soap droplets are totally invisible. The terrazzo print is dignified on porcelains of natural hues (like Ceppo di Gre) or the eclectic ones (like Stracciatella).
    White is strong : in any shape and size, matt or glossy, it is still king. When combined with natural wood, the room becomes warm and cozy.
    All these trends can be combined naturally with large square white terrazzo tiles with black fittings and wood accents. For an atmosphere trendy and adapted to your lifestyle, get inspired by this successful arrangement with porcelain Veneziane, Marea washbassin cabinet, and this black faucet of the Abyss series.
    For more information on the presented products :
    Ceppo di Gre

    Decoration Ideas

    Wood-Look - Inspired by nature

    The last few years came with a yearning for natural materials and nature-inspired looks. At the same time, simplicity in products demanding little maintenance are seeked. The perfect combination of these ideals is in decorating with materials imitating wood. At Céramique Décor, some products imitating wood are available.
    As opposed to wood floors, these collections are easy to care for, durable, do not wear, and do not scratch. These tiles are installed as well in the kitchen as in the bathroom because they resist humidity.
    In the new Mount series, the natural aspect of wood joins up with the ease of maintenance of glazed porcelain.
    See also the Plank series, characterized by its elongated format,
    Woodside, a ceramic that recreates perfectly the nobility of wood,
    The raw and unfinished style of the material finds new expression in Charm collection and,
    Urban inspired, the new series EC1 and its wooden effect draws its essence from London’s EC1 area
    For more information, visit our website or our store clerks.




    Decoration Ideas

    Tex or six ways to love rhombus tiles

    Last chance to buy tickets for the final draw of La Maison Tanguay on September 15th 2019.

    The Tex collection from Mutina was designed to add texture and originality to your rooms. The kitchen in La Maison Tanguay 2019 is a good example (see photo). With a lozenge shape, eight colours, and varied patterns, different types of poses are possible to create visual effects rich in colours. Here are 6 ways to arrange it.
    1 – In a rhombus shape, Tex porcelain gives off a third dimension effect like cubic boxes. It is possible to perceive hexagons between the lines of this pattern. With rich textures and colour variations, the 3D effect is highlighted. In 2020, colour gradients in this pattern are trending.
    2 – This pattern seemingly taken straight from the stars is actually the rhombus shape in a different angle. This type of pose takes advantage of the texture variations of the Tex porcelain, and the starred effect makes a romantic finish to your decor.
    3 – The chevron pose is slowly becoming a classic look providing awe to any interior. Composed of inverted V’s, it is simple and minimalist. This geometric pose displays perfectly the aesthetic of a Scandinavian decor where simplicity dominates.
    4 – When Tex is posed in lines, it reminds a stack of diamonds. The retro inspiration of this look is even more distinct where the tiles are checkered. Depending on the space available and the look desired, this assortment can be horizontal or vertical.
    5 – The lozenges can also be posed in bricks. This look, as vintage as the last, has special traits that make the decor seems alive. The abstract fashion gets its inspiration from the subway tile in a bolder version, in inclined mode. Stacking can follow one diagonal or alternate between a diagonal and the other for two versions of the same look.
    6 – The pursuit of originality has led to this pose ideal for larger surfaces that allows appreciating the pattern in its whole. The regularity is seen on a larger number of repetition and reminisces of cubic art. The graphic and fantasist shapes have their place in a natural decor as well as an eclectic one, visionary with a mix of colours or, for modern and effortless decor, with a more sober palette.

    For more information: TEX



    "I love black because it affirms, designs and styles" - Yves Saint-Laurent

    Among the 2020 trends in interior design, black faucets are our favorites. As evident as the little black dress, they are in kitchens, bathrooms, and even in showers. Simple yet fashionable, this black touch changes the decor’s look altogether.
    Here are four reasons to fall in love with this finish.
    1. It perfectly contrasts with light tones;
    2. It echoes the dark patterns;
    3. Your decor needs this industrial-chic look;
    4. Your favorite faucet is available in this finish.
    Black as always been synonyms with sophistication, and fittings make no exception.

    List of the Rubi products presented
    In the Kitchen :
    With a contemporary style and a curved right angle, this faucet from the Loft collection adds rough elegance in this kitchen..
    In a practical and functional kitchen, Soba offers all the functions without a sacrifice to the style.

    In the bathroom :
    This simple line and timeless look give all the refinement to the Quatro. Match the bath’s and the sink’s faucets for a continuous bathroom.
    MYRTO (bath)
    ABYSS (bath)
    ABYSS (freestanding bathtub faucet)
    VERTIGO C (freestanding bathtub faucet)
    VERTIGO C (shower kit)
    The perfect rain shower, Vertigo C, for a luxurious and refreshing moment after a long day.
    For more information, visit our clerks in the store.



    Stracciatella, more than the ordinary white porcelain

    Stracciatella is more than the ordinary white porcelain. Like a chocolate chip gelato, its colour is a speckled polar white, available in two shades, one more whimsical than the other. The unique character, sprinkled with scarred edges confetti, hints to the creamy texture of a frozen treat. It is incidentally frost resistant.

    The two terrazzo colours can be paired as in this kitchen with a bold look. The bathroom’s soft decor is a result of the white tones of Miscella Nacar. Stracciatella is extravagant and inspired us with this Haiku.

    White stracciatella
    Chocolate chip gelato
    New smooth porcelain

    For more information: Stracciatella


    Cal Bianco, tribute to timeless qualities of natural marble !

    Inspired by the best Italian marbles, Cal Bianco has qualities such as resistance and durability specific to porcelain stoneware, and four distinct marble surfaces cultivate the collection in which the common denominator is the material’s nobility.

    Available in 35 7/16 x 70 x 7/8 ” and a standard size of 35 7/16 x 35 7/16 “, Cal Bianco offers two possible surfaces: natural, uneven and matte finish, and a classic polished and glossy finish.

    Cal Bianco is found in majestic decors and is a central element of prestigious projects that can conform with numerous collections from Céramique Décor. While maintaining a strong identity and distinct characteristics, Cal Bianco is a contemporary proposition that subscribes to aesthetic philosophy tied with respect for natural materials applied to innovative architectural concepts.
    For more information: Cal Bianco

    Cal Bianco


    Frammenti, soft geometry

    The classic Venetian paving effect appears under a new figure, an original and sophisticated angle in the Italian collection, Frammenti. Two elongated shapes, rectangular and hexagonal, generate by themselves a burst of creativity. The pointed rafter and tapered tile contrast with the softness of the tones, all scattered with fragments of light piercing the flat areas of colours, Blu, Perla, Bianco, and Grigio.
    Imagination is freed by mixing and matching the shapes and colours of Frammenti. The Losanga shape (#pickettile) can moreover give a retro as well as contemporary decor. Muted colours allow you to dare with confidence as in this lounge with its blue tones.
    Available in two shapes, the rectangular tiles make it possible to pose in any layout, but the Losanga makes the collection richer in opportunities. A horizontal offset where the pointy ends meet is an option, but it is also possible to mix both shapes. This example shows the Losanga shape forming squares in between which a series of rectangles are aligned. Playing with colours can highlight the originality of this layout.
    For more information: Frammenti


    New Metallic Wallpapers

    Give your walls a new glow and sheen with the new metallic F&B wallpapers! Among the most popular collections of F&B wallpapers, gold, silver and copper hues exalt nine choices of wallpapers. Available in 25 new metallic colours, these wallpapers printed from the richest pigments reveal their shimmering character in all interior styles.
    Why are these F&B wallpapers so unique?
    1. They are printed from F&B paint creating a harmonious duo between wallpaper and paint.
    2. Choosing F&B wallpapers is the most sustainable option. They are created from environmentally friendly water-based paint on recyclable paper from sustainably managed forests.
    3. Every roll is covered of a varnish specially formulated, which ensures the durability of the wallpaper and excellent stain resistance, making it easy to clean.

    List of the 9 collections available at Céramique Décor
    In the new metallic versions, Yukutori’s dotted pattern is available in gold and copper to subtly enhance Stifkey Blue and Jitney backgrounds, and adorn the walls of a delicate radiance.
    Delightful and quaint, the Gable pattern shows a rustic scene of fields and farm animals. Because of its large scale, the playful drawing is hand-engraved instead of printed with a flatbed block. The metallic version is sure to offer a conversation starter
    Telessa gains depth and magnificence with sparkles of gold, silver, copper, and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) that overlay on the richly pigmented background colours, including De Nimes, Sulking Room Pink, Paean Black, and School House White.
    The most diverse collection in terms of colors, Lotus is hand-engraved with gold, silver, copper, and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) paints on backgrounds with dynamic contrast.
    The Japanese word Amime means the space between netting. The metallic impressions silver or gold, create a tactile effect and a unique depth on Green Smoke and Jitney backgrounds.
    Master Weaver James Leman created this floral pattern. An artisanal impression of gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) deepens this two-toned vegetal pattern on backgrounds of Green Smoke and a bespoke red specially formulated for this wallpaper.
    Inspired from Art Deco and the 20th century, Tourbillon’s segmented circles are available in gold and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) on Theron and Paean Black backgrounds.
    The elegant foliage pattern of Bamboo seems drawn with a brush in deep gold on Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black backgrounds. This wallpaper’s lush botany is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, adding a touch of a natural glow to the room.
    Honouring the mathematical precision of the encrypting machine Enigma used during World War II, the geometric patterns of this wallpaper are printed in gold on Paean Black background and gilver (a mix of gold and silver) on India Yellow background.

    For more information, contact


    Lotus métallisé - F&B

    Bumble Bee - Farrow & Ball

    Le papier peint Bumble Bee de F & B est le point de départ dans la conception de cette chambre à coucher où abonde la lumière et les matières naturelles. Êtes-vous surpris de savoir que la nature et la vie bourdonnent tout autour ?
    Orné d’une myriade d’abeilles dorées et moucheté d’un motif à pois, le papier peint BP 507  apporte comme toile de fond une atmosphère douce et apaisante, un brin ludique à  la pièce. En intégrant du bois clair, de l’ardoise aux tonalités ocres et des objets de paille, on créé un  halo doré dans ce coin sommeil des plus chaleureux. Et pour apaiser les rayons vifs du soleil et apporter un vent de fraîcheur à l’ensemble, les propriétaires se sont laisser guider par la palette des blancs et des neutres pour les tissus, les murs et le mobilier pour le plus grand bonheur de leur fille et …  de leur charmant pitou.

    Suggestions de peintures Farrow & Ball  pour réaliser de belles associations avec Bumble Bee – BP 507 :
    Pointing No 2003  –  Matchstick No 2013 New White No 59 Cat’s Paw No 240
    Liste des produits offerts en exclusivité chez Céramique Décor :
    – Collection de papier peint F&B Bumble Bee offerte en 6 couleurs.
    – Ardoise Desert Sand de Soligo

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