• Azulej


    Azulej, new collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina.

    • Nero


    • Nero Trevo

      Nero Trevo

    • Nero Trama

      Nero Trama

    • Nero Renda

      Nero Renda

    • Nero Prata

      Nero Prata

    • Nero Motif

      Nero Motif

    • Nero Gira

      Nero Gira

    • Nero Flores

      Nero Flores

    • Nero Estrela

      Nero Estrela

    • Nero Diagonal

      Nero Diagonal

    • Nero Cubo

      Nero Cubo

    • Grigio


    • Grigio Trevo

      Grigio Trevo

    • Grigio Trama

      Grigio Trama

    • Grigio Renda

      Grigio Renda

    • Grigio Prata

      Grigio Prata

    • Grigio Motif

      Grigio Motif

    • Grigio Gira

      Grigio Gira

    • Grigio Flores

      Grigio Flores

    • Grigio Estrela

      Grigio Estrela

    • Grigio Diagonal

      Grigio Diagonal

    • Grigio Cubo

      Grigio Cubo

    • Bianco


    • Bianco Trama

      Bianco Trama

    • Bianco Trevo

      Bianco Trevo

    • Bianco Renda

      Bianco Renda

    • Bianco Prata

      Bianco Prata

    • Bianco Motif

      Bianco Motif

    • Bianco Gira

      Bianco Gira

    • Bianco Flores

      Bianco Flores

    • Bianco Estrela

      Bianco Estrela

    • Bianco Diagonal

      Bianco Diagonal

    • Bianco Cubo

      Bianco Cubo

    The Azulej patterns combine purposefully diverse languages such memory, geometry and pixels, which develop both lengthways and diagonally. This process develops exponentially and only the first combinations of a long series have been sketched out.


    Bianco | Grigio | Nero


    Stoneware Porcelain





    Frozen resistant // Eco-responsible

    No // No


    8'' x 8''

    Price / piece

    8'' x 8'' : 12,91$ | Uni : 9,89$ | Mix : 335$

    Price / feet²

    8'' x 8'' : 29,95$ | Uni : 22,95$ | Mix : 335$

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    Mutina is an Italian company that manufactures more than simple tiles. It is an art project that united both technology, crafts, experimentation and research in a desire to push the frontiers of material to create original ceramic products of exceptional quality.
    Mutina is also a creative team that shares the same passion for art, design, architecture, approach to the product and a unique vision of life !