• New colors 2018

    Farrow & Ball

    Discover our nine new paint colors.

    • School House White

      School House White

    • Treron


    • Jitney


    • Paean Black

      Paean Black

    • Sulking Room Pink

      Sulking Room Pink

    • Rangwali


    • Preference Red

      Preference Red

    • Bancha


    • De Nimes

      De Nimes

    Ranging from an exotic pink and our deepest red to a soft off white and a down to earth blue, each is blended with only the richest pigments and finest quality ingredients for an extraordinary depth of color.


    School House White, Treron, Jitney, Paean Black, Sulking Room Pink, Rangwali, Preference Red, Bancha, De Nimes


    Farrow & Ball

    Admire the carefully selected 132 colors of the Farrow & Ball color chart. Paint and wallpaper products of exceptional quality made from the finest natural ingredients and minerals. As an environmentally friendly option, these water-based paints have a minimal (VOC) content and, thanks to their low odour, are ideal for your home and family.



    Farrow & Ball

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    Farrow & Ball


    New colors

    Farrow & Ball

    New wallpapers colors 2018

    Farrow & Ball

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    Farrow & Ball

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    Farrow & Ball

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    Farrow & Ball

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